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Best Bars & Nightlife Tours

A one of a kind experience

   Enjoy a one of a kind experience with our very own “Best Bars and Nightlife Tour”. We have three different themes to choose from and each can specifically be tailored for the type of experience you're looking for. Miss Charleston 2022 for America leads most of the tours so you’ll receive only VIP treatment wherever you go. Find all the secret local spots, visit the Southern dive bars, or hit the exclusive VIP treatment at the most infamous clubs in Charleston; We want the night you spend with us to be fun, educational and a night to remember. Each tour lasts 3 hours, includes one specialty cocktail at each location, and pedicabs if needed to get to the next location. Tours can start as early as 5pm or as late at 8pm depending on the experience you are looking for. Groups of all sizes are welcome.

+Secret Pass

•Embark on a journey off the beaten path to secret bars and speak-easies in downtown Charleston. One of the bars is so exclusive only 100 cards were passed out to enter and you as guests on this tour will be able to have access. We will teach you the history behind the location while enjoying a specialty cocktail for each bar.

+Iconic Tour

•We invite you to be as Charleston southern as can be on this tour. You will feel like you walked into the movies as we check out three iconic spots in Charleston. This is our favorite tour for Charleston first timers. We will teach you the history behind the location and enjoy a specialty beer at each location.

+Royal Tour

•On this tour you will be treated like royalty! Full access the most lux bars and clubs without cover or waiting in line! These spots are famous in Charleston that make for a total blast and have been showcased on multiple reality shows as well. Point blank, you will see the best clubs in Charleston. We will teach you the history behind the location and enjoy a speciality cocktail for each location on this tour.

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