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Charleston Saturday Mornings: Two Ways

Photography by Sara Pomeroy @saramovessouth

I don't know about you but by Wednesday we're counting down the days until it is Saturday. Saturdays in Charleston are the absolute best and we look forward to them every week.
Saturdays in Charleston are an opportunity to take in the beauty of the Holy City in a new and fresh way every week and we are SO excited to share with you 2 ways that we love to spend our Saturday Mornings in Charleston!

Sunrise at Pineapple Fountain

Sunrise at Pineapple Fountain. If you are not a morning person, don't fret, just get there when you can, but if you want to get an iconic picture in front of the fountain, the earlier the better before it starts to over populate with children playing in the fountain and tourists getting their selfies. If you are a morning person, you are in for a real treat!

Coffee. After the sun has risen and you have taken your photos, I would imagine you are ready for some caffeine and we got you covered! Just head up Queen street to Harken Café . This adorable coffee shop has all of the homemade pastries and quiches along with creative coffee drinks that you could ask for.

Rainbow Row. After your full and caffeinated, head back towards the water on Queen and take a right on East Bay Street and you will run into the iconic Rainbow Row for all the photo ops

Battery/Tradd Street. Take a right on Tradd Street and take it until it ends is a great way to get in some steps and see some of Charleston's most charming homes. When the street ends, you are at the Charleston Battery! Take a left and enjoy walking this beautiful stroll by the water until you are right back where you started at the Pineapple Fountain.
Charleston Water Taxi. After all that walking, We are sure you are ready to rest your feet and get out on the water! The Charleston Water Taxi is the best $14 you will spend to get out on the Cooper River and see the iconic Arthur Ravenel Bridge from the water. They make 4 different stops but you are welcome to just stay on and enjoy being on the water and you may even get a dolphin sighting!

Sunrise at Isle of Palms

There is nothing like a Charleston sunrise. They are worth getting up early for and you will just have to take our word for it. If we are wrong, coffee is on us ; )
Depending on the time of year, sunrise times change of course, so just check the weather app and plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to sunrise time.

Pro Tip: Bring a bag or something that can hold shells because that early in the morning, you are likely to find some treasures from the sea to take home.
Parking: Go ahead and put Coconut Joes in your maps and park in any open spot by the restaurant. There are bathrooms, showers and a path to the beach from there. When your feet hit the sand, head left towards the pier and enjoy a sunrise beach walk to remember.

Breakfast: Time to rinse off your feet, get in your car and head over to Sullivan's Islands iconic and unique eatery, Co Op. Co Op is famous for their Frose', their sandwiches and their foul language on cookies but they have some strong coffee and amazing breakfast options!

More Beach! Because you can never get enough, and Sullivan's Island has its own unique experience than Isle of Palms, go for it! Sullivan's Island goes by Stations not streets, so head towards the water from Co Op to Station 18 and you will pass by the unique lighthouse on your way to the water. Note: No public bathrooms here, so keep that in mind!

BONUS SATURDAY: If you are visiting Charleston during Farmers Market Season ( April 9th-November 26th, 8am-2pm) A morning strolling the downtown Farmers Market in Marion Square is a MUST. They have fresh veggies, but they also have so many local artisan vendors where you are sure to find unique gifts for yourself and for your friends/family back home.
Need to Caffeinate before hitting the market? Kudo Coffee has you covered with whatever hot or iced Matcha or Coffee Bevy you desire along with some sweet and savory bites to enjoy. After you get your caffeine, head towards Marion Square and take your time strolling through the park visiting the vendors and food trucks.

We can't wait to hear about your Charleston Saturday Morning! Tag us @allincharleston or #allincharleston in your photos if you try one of these two ways to spend a Saturday in Charleston!


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